Dog DaySchool

Action Pack Dog Center offers an ALL DAY DaySchool program so your dog can learn while you are at work!

In addition to providing quality care for your dog or puppy while you’re away for the day, we offer comprehensive enrichment and training. Enjoy a well-trained dog without interrupting your busy schedule. Our DaySchool Training for puppies and dogs is a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.

Dog giving a high five
Training a golden retriever

Dog DaySchool: FOUNDATION program

This program teaches your dog the skills that every dog needs to be successful. Your dog will learn:

  • Impulse control: Able to wait patiently for food and access to resources
  • Basic Manners: Obedience behaviors such as sit and lay down
  • Recall: Come when called
  • Loose Leash Walking: How to walk calmly on leash
  • How to Relax: Settle on a mat on cue

Interested in our Puppy and Dog DaySchool Programs? Call today for a FREE dog training evaluation and assessment for new training customers – a $95 value! Your dog will love training with us, and their FIRST DAY is on us!

Reservation required. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. DaySchool discount applies to first-time DaySchool customers only.

Georgetown Location

Round Rock Location

Liberty Hill Location

Dog DaySchool Requirements:

  • Dogs older than 5 months are eligible for enrollment
  • An initial evaluation day is required before enrollment
  • Each school term lasts 6 weeks, but 12 is recommended
  • Dog must attend DaySchool at least 2 times per week
  • Daily school instruction is Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm
  • Drop off between 7am and 9am and pick up between 4pm and 7pm

Dog DaySchool training program includes:

  • Complimentary Training Evaluation and Assessment Day (a $95 value)
  • Rewards based training methods to set your pup up for success
  • APDC Training handbook with access to all DaySchool lessons
  • A progress report and email support available for the duration of the program