Dog DaySchool

DaySchoolWhat is DaySchool?

Dog DaySchool at Action Pack Dog Center provides constructive, focused and individualized dog training sessions throughout the day to help your dog master current behaviors or learn new ones. Your dog will receive multiple individually tailored one-on-one training or play sessions in a clean, safe, fun and enriching environment.

DaySchool Objective:

Action Pack’s innovative DaySchool program provides training & constructive stimulation for your dog while you are at work. You can relax knowing that your dog is provided with physical and mental stimulation in a relaxed, fun & nurturing environment.

Can any dog participate?

DaySchool is open to all dogs regardless of breed, size or age. Whether you have a new puppy & want help setting a foundation of lifetime learning or have an older dog that needs a refresher; DaySchool benefits dogs of all ages.

Our DaySchool Program is meant to enhance the work you are already doing at home.

If you are not already enrolled in private lessons or group classes, this may be discussed along the way to ensure that you have the skills to reinforce what your dog learns in DaySchool. This allows us to help you achieve the goals you have set for you and your best friend. Our Dog DaySchool program is located in Round Rock, TX and convenient to Austin


NOTE: DaySchool differs from our Daycare program in that supervised group play in DaySchool is offered only at the customer’s request and only if we feel this is a suitable activity for your dog. Some dogs may be required to attend DaySchool as a pre-requisite to Daycare.