FAQs and Policies

What should I bring to class?

  • Proof of vaccinations (rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella). Puppies should be up-to-date for their age and have at least the first set of vaccinations. Older dogs should have all vaccinations.
  • A hungry dog. Don’t starve them, but don’t give them a substantial meal prior to the session.
  • Treats- small, pea-sized, soft, chewy treats. You’ll need a full baggy.
  • A 4’ or 6’ leather or nylon leash. No flexi-leads or retractable leashes, please.
  • A regular buckle collar or martingale style collar. A harness or head collar can also be used in class.
  • A fun toy to get your dog’s attention, or a chew toy to entertain them while you listen to the instructor.
  • Action Pack Dog Center has a variety of training treats available for purchase, as well as appropriate leashes and collars.
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Can additional family members attend class or private lessons?

Absolutely. We believe that training should be a hobby for the whole family. This helps your dog learn much faster and it also creates a strong relationship with everyone. For a given activity, it is best to have one person train the dog for that session. For example: one person works on sit, the other person works on down, etc. Any child under the age of 16, must have an adult with them at all times.