Group Dog Training Classes

Group ClassesWe invite you to join us anytime to observe a class or just visit our facility in Round Rock, TX and see for yourself what is going on at Action Pack Dog Center.

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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Training classes focus on teaching important skills such as bite inhibition, household manners and obedience, socialization with dogs and people, calming and handling skills and the prevention of behavior problems. From as early as age 8 weeks, Action Pack Dog Center can help you shape the behaviors you want in your puppy.
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Dog Manners Classes

Your dog will go through many developmental stages after puppyhood. As they reach adolescence and adulthood, they will need guidance on learning impulse control and attention. Action Pack Dog Center’s adult dog manners classes will help you learn to manage and channel your dog’s energy through basic obedience and beyond. From as early as 6 months and up, we will help you and your dog build a wonderful relationship.
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Sport & Specialty Classes

Join in on the fun as we help guide you into new, fun activities with your canine companion. Our Sport and Specialty Training Classes open up a whole new world of dog training adventures! From learning about the latest new K9 sports, such as Nosework to fun Tricks classes or Rally Obedience; Action Pack Dog Center is packed with fun specialty classes just for you and your dog.
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