Meet the Dog Trainers

Jana Rossorelli

Jana Rossorelli, CPDT-KAJana, owner of Action Pack Dog Center, has over a decade of experience helping dogs and their people solve problems, meet learning goals, improve relationships and achieve positive change. Jana knows from personal experience the stresses and joys of living with and rehabilitating dogs with behavior problems. She brings understanding, enthusiasm, resourcefulness and a spirit of play to her work with dogs and people.

Jana’s goal is to help make your relationship with your dog a fun and rewarding one, whether you want an indoor companion, an athletic performance dog, or a foot warmer. Action Pack Dog Center allows her to pursue her dream of teaching people about how humans and dogs think and how they can work together. Her goal is to educate each client on what truly motivates their dog and improve their relationship and connection with each other.

More about Jana…

Jana believes that there is always more to learn, do, experience and improve upon regarding our knowledge and skills. She continues to work and learn from other talented trainers, regularly attends seminars and workshops and eagerly participates in various animal educational experiences.

Recent seminars and workshops

K9 Nosework Seminar – Intro to Odor – June 2011
K9 Nosework Seminar – February 2011
Pia Silvani: Feisty Fido & Dog Play – January 2011
Dr. Ian Dunbar: Science based Dog Training with Feeling – November 2010
Grisha Stewart: Behavioral Adjustment Training – September 2010
Dr. Patricia McConnell: How Dogs Play – September 2010
Sarah Kalnajs: Understanding Canine Body Language – May 2009
Mare Shey: Operating a Fun, Safe Dog Daycare – March 2009


Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed
PCSA Pet Care Technician
AKC CGC Evaluator


Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Member, Pet Care Services Association
Member, United Schutzhund Clubs of America
Member, American Working Malinois Association


Lisa Heathco

Lisa Heathco, CPDT-KALisa joined Action Pack Dog Center in July of 2010 and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. As a trainer, Lisa believes in improving the relationship between animals and people.

She teaches people how to communicate effectively with their dogs utilizing compassionate, humane, science-based training methods intended to build a strong and enduring bond between dog and handler. In class, Lisa emphasizes the positive for both people and dogs. Focus is placed on not only what the dog is doing right but what the handler is doing right. In DaySchool, Lisa helps dogs meet goals and expectations through capturing and rewarding behavior, then building that behavior so that they can maintain their foundation of knowledge. She believes all training sessions should be fun, educational and rewarding for both people and dogs. Lisa believes in continual education.

Action Pack clients and their dogs reap the benefits of her passion and pursuit of knowledge.

Recent seminars and workshops

Pia Silvani: Feisty Fido & Dog Play – January 2011
Dr. Ian Dunbar: Science based Dog Training with Feeling – November 2010


Katie Loh
KPA-CTP, Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Katie LohKatie joined Action Pack Dog Center in June of 2012. Katie got her start in dog training at one of the chain pet stores back in 2007. From there, she went on to dive even deeper into how dogs learn and communicate by attending the Karen Pryor Academy in 2011 and became a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) in October of 2011.

Katie teaches private lessons and group classes at Action Pack Dog Center and has a particular passion for shy and reactive dogs since her personal dog, Frodo, is a bit on the reactive side.

Recent seminars and workshops

Science Based Dog Training w/ Feeling: Ian Dunbar – April 2013
Beginning Nosework – February 2013
Clicker Training Expo – January 2013
Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking: Dr. Patricia McConnell – November 2012
Karen Pryor Dog Training Academy – April-October 2011