Meet the Dog Trainers

Lydia Bagley - Action Pack Dog Trainer

Lydia Bagley

CPDT-KA, BS Animal Science

Lydia joined the APDC team in 2018. She has a background in riding and training horses and earned an Animal Science degree at Texas A & M and earned her Certification in Professional Dog Training in 2019. Lydia is an avid learner and believes that each animal we encounter has a lesson for us. Both dogs and horses have the amazing ability to show us the truth’s in life: “being present, authentic, patient and kind”. Lydia enjoys working with Rey, a Labrador, in scent work, trick training, and dock diving. She loves spending time with family including her two horses, her dogs: Adi the Doberman, Nala the GSD/Ridgeback rescue and her newest addition Mali, a GSD/Malinois puppy.

Bobbie Brown - - Action Pack Dog Trainer

Bobbie Brown

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Bobbie moved to Texas in 2019 and joined the Action Pack Dog Training team shortly after her move to Texas. Bobbie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has been training dogs for the past twenty years as a volunteer working with service dogs for non-profit organizations. She and her husband have an English Golden Retriever and a Labrador as well as a service pup in training. Her strongest desire is to help people develop a happy, rewarding life with their dog(s).

Jordan Lowrey - Action Pack Dog Trainer

Jordan Lowrey

Dog Trainer

Jordan joined our Action Pack Dog Center training team in March of 2020. Jordan helps dogs meet goals and expectations through capturing and rewarding behavior, then building that behavior so that they can maintain their foundation of knowledge. She believes all training sessions should be fun, educational and rewarding for both people and dogs. Jordan believes in continual education. Action Pack clients and their dogs reap the benefits of her passion and pursuit of knowledge.


Dylan Maykrantz - - Action Pack Dog Trainer

Dylan Maykrantz

Dog Trainer

Dylan joined the Action Pack Dog Training team shortly after moving here from Virginia where he trained dogs for almost five years. His background is training dogs in obedience, off leash work, nose work, service dogs and protection. Dylan has two huskies, Steele and Snow and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Fergie. If Dylan is not at work, you can usually find him hiking. He also enjoys dog sports such as weight pulling, bikejoring, and Fergie has been working on Dock Diving.

Shelby Smith Dog Trainer

Shelby Smith

Dog Trainer

Shelby joined the Action Pack Dog Team in early 2020 after apprenticing with a local trainer for several years. Shelby loves learning about dogs and behavior and you can find her at local seminars, workshops or taking online courses to expand her knowledge of animal psychology and behavior. She loves all dogs, but finds a niche working with anxiety and high energy. She loves to help people create a strong bond and relationship through lifelong training. Shelby’s personal dogs include Nelson, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and retired therapy dog; Aragon a Standard Poodle who is her Service Dog and lifeline; Jinx a Border Collie and a blast to train. And Shelby will be welcoming a Standard poodle puppy to her family soon.


Jana Rossorelli

Jana Rossorelli

CPDT-KA, Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Jana, owner of Action Pack Dog Center, has over a decade of experience helping dogs and their people solve problems, meet learning goals, improve relationships and achieve positive change. Jana knows from personal experience the stresses and joys of living with and rehabilitating dogs with behavior problems. She brings understanding, enthusiasm, resourcefulness and a spirit of play to her work with dogs and people.

Jana’s goal is to help make your relationship with your dog a fun and rewarding one, whether you want an indoor companion, an athletic performance dog, or a foot warmer. Action Pack Dog Center allows her to pursue her dream of teaching people about how humans and dogs think and how they can work together. Her goal is to educate each client on what truly motivates their dog and improve their relationship and connection with each other.

Jana believes that there is always more to learn, do, experience and improve upon regarding our knowledge and skills. She continues to work and learn from other talented trainers, regularly attends seminars and workshops and eagerly participates in various animal educational experiences.

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