Dog Daycare in Round Rock & Georgetown

Dog Daycare at Action Pack Dog Center is a blast! If you have an active, social dog who needs to stay busy and loves attention, dog daycare might be the right fit for your pup! We have the most fun and safest dog daycare program in the Round Rock and Georgetown area.

Why choose Action Pack Dog Center for Dog Daycare?

  • Highly recommended by leading veterinarians
  • Loads of fun playing, socializing, and making new friends
  • Dog-safe toys, splash pools, outdoor play yards with room to romp and play
  • Birthday parties, Doggie Arts and Crafts and Holiday Festivities
  • Supervised by highly trained and loving staff, at a ratio of 1 staff for every 12 pets
  • Requires each pet to pass a social evaluation to create a good “fit” with the other pets
  • Can help curb many behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and jumping
  • Round Rock, TX Location convenient daycare hours: Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm
  • Georgetown, TX Location convenient daycare hours: Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm

What Makes Us The Best Option For Dog Daycare?

One day a week, minimum commitment:

At Action Pack Dog Center we provide the best environment for your dog to socialize and feel safe. Our playful dog daycare environment is a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits. This occurs by reducing the excitement of meeting new and unfamiliar dogs everyday, no different from the increased comfort level you feel once you become more familiar with new friends. To ensure this, we ask that you make an initial 8-week dog boarding commitment to the same day or days each week.

Reservations Required: 

If your dog comes once a week, it is suggested to keep to that day. This helps the dog’s comfort level with their dog buddies.

We do NOT offer drop in service:

We do not offer drop in service for dogs that are not current clients. Our focus is on providing a consistent environment for the dogs, as they are most comfortable with familiar dogs and staff. New dogs can take up to a full day to integrate into daycare so a long-term and consistent commitment is best.

Dog Daycare Rates

Starting as low as $24.95 per day

Action Pack’s unique classroom style daycare program allows your pup to enjoy social play with their canine and human friends in an off-leash environment. For the safety of all participants, the social skills of each daycare dog are evaluated prior to admission to the program, and all dogs are continually supervised by our trained daycare staff. Daycare is available by reservation only.

Enroll your pet in Action Pack’s Dog Daycare program today!

Call Action Pack Dog Center today to schedule your pet’s Social Evaluation, or you can complete our online Reservation Request form. Once approved, you can be absolutely confident that your dog will look forward to playing with us every day! Call our Round Rock location at 512-341-0229, or our Georgetown location at 512-240-6080 to check availability.