Dog Daycare

Black dog laying in grass happily.

Fun & Safe Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare at Action Pack Dog Center is a blast! If you have an active dog who needs to stay busy and loves attention, dog daycare is the perfect solution for your pup. We have the most fun and safest dog daycare programs in Round Rock, and Georgetown, TX.

Bring your dog back to school!

Brown and white dog holding yellow ball with two dogs following.
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Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.

1st day of daycare FREE

* for new daycare dogs

Why Choose Action Pack Dog Center for Daycare?

● We’re highly recommended by leading veterinarians

● Our daycare program ensures lots of fun, socializing, and new friends

● Dog-safe toys, splash pools, outdoor play yards, and climate-controlled indoor play areas

● Supervised by a highly-trained and loving staff, at a small staff-to-pet ratio for the safest play

● Each pet passes a Meet and Greet to ensure compatibility and comfort for all daycare visitors

● Lots of rest periods and fresh water for relaxation between play

● Birthday parties, doggie arts & crafts, and holiday festivities

● Exciting swimming pool at our Round Rock location!

Dalmation leading walking dogs.
Staff member playing with white dog.

Free Daycare Meet and Greet

Action Pack Dog Center’s unique daycare program allows your pup to enjoy social play with their canine and human friends in an off-leash environment. For the safety of all participants, the social skills of each daycare dog are evaluated prior to admission to the program, and all dogs are continually supervised by our trained daycare staff. Call us today to book your free evaluation!

How Does Daycare Benefit Dogs?

Daycare can help curb negative behaviors. If your dog gets anxious when alone, you might come home to ruined furniture, scratches in the hardwood, or holes in the yard. At dog daycare, your dog can channel this extra energy into healthy, positive activities that leave them mentally rejuvenated without the chance to miss you too much.

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. These days, it’s hard for pet parents to set aside the appropriate amount of time to exercise their dogs. One or two walks a day is unfortunately not enough for many breeds. At our dog daycare, your dog will enjoy multiple extended play sessions outdoors and indoors with tons of space to run, spend energy, and stay physically fit.

Socialization is key for happy dogs. Dogs are social by nature, but they don’t automatically know the right way to interact with other dogs (and humans). Daycare offers a supervised, safe environment for dogs to meet other dogs, make friends, and learn the social skills that will ultimately boost their confidence and understanding of the world.

Daycare is a safe place to play. Our dog daycare program was designed with the safety of your furry friend in mind, from secure fencing to advanced climate-control systems. Playgroups are carefully chosen by size and temperament, with groups kept small for the safest play. All members of our daycare staff are thoroughly trained in safe off-leash practices and canine body language.

Woman petting old black lab.

Dog Daycare Pricing & Packages

Add-Ons +

  • Spa Services

  • Treats

  • Individual playtime

  • Birthday and gotcha day party

  • Puppy postcard

  • Swimming (at Round Rock)


● Meet & Greet required

● Vaccines required: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella

● Spay/Neuter policy: by 7 months for group play

● We do not allow: rawhides, food or water bowls, beds that can't fit into a washer, cooked bones, filtered water, leashes, harnesses, clothing items, or specialty training collars (prongs, e-collars, etc.)

Dog Daycare FAQs: