Dog Boarding

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Dog Boarding in Round Rock and Georgetown, TX

Dogs love to play at Action Pack Dog Center when their owners are away. Unlike a traditional kennel, we focus on giving each guest an individualized care experience with lots of hugs and belly rubs. We make sure every dog gets the right amount of exercise, playtime, and human interaction every day. We have two locations to serve you in Round Rock and Georgetown, TX.

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Award-Winning Lodging Accommodations

Action Pack Dog Center is a place where pets feel at home and have fun. As one of our guests, your pet can expect the best.

● Spacious, private, climate-controlled lodging accommodations

● Comfy bedding and clean bowls

● Daily TLC and wellness checks by our loving staff

● Family pets can stay together

● Meals served twice a day or as requested. We recommend bringing your dog’s usual food, but we offer a high-quality food for no charge.

● Soothing music throughout the facility

● Three to four outdoor elimination breaks

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Exciting Activities Make the Perfect Stay

Dogs are interactive and crave activity and attention. Our customizable activities are designed to provide our guests with the best mental and physical stimulation to keep them having fun and looking forward to the next playtime.

We know every dog is unique, so we offer a range of activity/interaction options. We’ve bundled together some of our most popular options in our discounted activity packages. An activity package is required for every pet for each day of their stay. Call today to find out about our packages in detail.

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Group Play

Dogs love playing with compatible friends in our supervised daycare groups and are free to romp and roam throughout our spacious indoor/outdoor yards.

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Individual Play

Some dogs simply prefer human friends, and our staff members are happy to oblige. Customized individual play sessions can mean anything from chasing a ball to resting in the sunshine—whatever your dog enjoys most.

Dog swimming in pool


Our Round Rock location is equipped with a full-size swimming pool built exclusively for dogs. If your pet loves the water, they’ll doggie paddle their way to delight at Action Pack Dog Center.

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Your dog deserves the same amount of love and attention they’re used to getting at home. That’s why we offer relaxing, wholesome activity options such as bedtime tuck-ins, homemade treats, and premium bedding.

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Special Care for Special Pets

Some pets need a little extra something. For our puppy guests, we offer everything they need to have a healthy stay away from home while reinforcing good habits. Our Puppy Package includes extra potty breaks and playtimes puppies need. Senior pets, meanwhile, enjoy our TLC Package which ensures they get the right amount of mobility walks, orthopedic bedding, and personal attention.

Dog Boarding Packages & Pricing

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Add-Ons +

  • Spa Services

  • Treats

  • Individual playtime

  • Birthday and gotcha day party

  • Puppy postcard

  • Swimming (at Round Rock)

Jack russell terrier sitting


● Vaccines required: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella

● Spay/Neuter policy: by 7 months for group play

● Clients can bring 3 comfort items, but they cannot be: rawhides, food or water bowls, beds that can't fit into a washer, cooked bones, filtered water, leashes, harnesses, clothing items, or specialty training collars (prongs, e-collars, etc.)

Action Pack Georgetown

This facility is located in the heart of Georgetown surrounded by heritage oaks, lush grass, and 5 acres of space for dogs to be dogs, as well as climate-controlled lodging accommodations. Find us in the center of town off of the Williams Drive exit on Interstate 35.

Action Pack Round Rock

Action Pack Dog Center of Round Rock is our flagship location, and we’ve extensively upgraded the facility into the canine paradise we’ve always envisioned. Visitors to our Round Rock facility enjoy 2 acres of outdoor play yards, climate-controlled indoor areas, and a one-of-a-kind swimming pool designed for dogs. This location is just minutes off Interstate 35 and is convenient to all of Round Rock.

Dog Boarding FAQs: