Dog Grooming

Woman giving a haircut to a brown dog.

Dog Grooming & Spa

Action Pack Dog Center offers full-service grooming in a serene, spa-like atmosphere designed with your dog in mind. Our goal is to make your pup look fabulous and feel comfortable during their spa experience. We offer many special features from nail pawlish to blueberry & vanilla facials. Additionally, our new Prima bathing system is uniquely designed to rejuvenate your pup’s coat while massaging and cleansing their skin.

Our Spa Services

● Full, professional haircuts (Round Rock Location)

● Premium bathing services

● De-matting and brush-outs

● SHED control treatments

● Ear cleaning

● Teeth brushing

● Nail pawlish

● And our signature blueberry and vanilla facials!

White dog receiving a haircut.
Brown and white dog getting groomed.

Health Benefits of Grooming

A well-groomed dog is beautiful, but did you know they’re also healthier? Here are some the invaluable health benefits regular visits to a groomer provides.

● Best Tools & Practices. Many dogs have multiple layers of fur, and ordinary at-home brushing won’t do the trick. Professional groomers have specialized tools designed to loosen hair from the innermost layers, leaving your pet’s coat lighter, cleaner, and with less fur to shed. Plus, our groomers are highly-trained and skilled at providing comfortable services for your pets. From nail trims to teeth cleanings and everything else, we know how to work quickly and efficiently.

● Nail Health is Crucial. Like human nails, a dog’s nails grow nonstop and need maintenance to stay comfortable. If left untrimmed, the nails can get so long that they disrupt your dog’s foot structure and cause discomfort. Additionally, our trained groomers know exactly where and how much to cut your dog’s nails.

● Every Visit is a Health Screening. While our talented groomers perform their beautifying magic, they’re also giving your dog a screening for any signs of health abnormalities. The coat, skin, ears, paws, and more are carefully examined by highly-trained eyes, so we can catch anything out of the ordinary before it becomes a major concern.

● It’s Healthier for You, Too! No more straining to lift your dog in and out of the tub, no more slick bathroom floors, and no more exhausting cleanup after the deed is done. Let us do the “dirty work” and leave you with your happy, sweet-smelling pup.

Now Offering SHED Control Treatments!

Full Service Grooms at Round Rock location. SHED Control & Baths offered at both locations.

Add Grooming for the Perfect Stay or Play!

At Action Pack Dog Center, pet parents love knowing that their dog is having fun running around, playing with other dogs, or splashing around in the pool!*

*Pool available at Round Rock Location.

Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.